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NVIDIA Shield Tablet Review (Tegra K1 /w 192 Core GeForce Kepler GPU | 8″ Full HD)

NVIDIA Shield Tablet


This is my review of the SHIELD Tablet from NVIDIA.

The NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet is powered by the Tegra K1 Chipset that houses 4 Cortex A15 cores clocked at 2.2 Ghz each coupled with a 192core GeForce Kepler GPU and 2GB RAM.

The NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet has 16GB of on-board storage & can accept MicroSD cards upto 128GB.

It has a 5MP front & rear cameras, both capable of shooting HD videos.

It sports a … Continue reading

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Half-Life 2 And Portal For The NVIDIA Shield Now Available In Google Play

Google Play

Rejoice NVIDIA Shield users, as the ultra famous console games Half-Life 2 And Portal is now available for your Android gaming console device.

Both Half-Life 2 And Portal costs $9.99 each, and is promised to give you the same console experience that you had before with your PS3. If you aren’t familiar with both games, Portal is a first person puzzle-platformer where you shoot your way out to make portals that will lead to … Continue reading

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NVIDIA Shield Can Now Stream PC Games To Televisions in 1080p


We bring great news today for NVIDIA Shield users as starting now, you will be able to stream PC games to your televisions thanks to a software update that will also bring improvements to 720p streaming mode and Gamepad Mapper feature as well. The Gamestream technology that powers Shield streaming currently support a limited number of games at the moment at 63 games. The games are able to stream in full HD, with more titles scheduled to be added … Continue reading

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NVIDIA Shield Gets A Lavish Update: Android 4.3, Button Mapping Software, Console Mode, And More


The NVIDIA SHIELD, for some, is quite a disappointment because it can only play titles that have been optimized for it. NVIDIA promised though that they are fixing things in their latest update where it will bring Android 4.3, and finally the the ability for gamers to play whatever game they like using these great physical buttons.

NVIDIA Shield users can now map physical controls in-games through the GamePad Mapper app included in the new update. The GamePad Mapper … Continue reading

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ASUS’ Android Gaming Console “Gamebox” Spotted On AnTuTu


The NVIDIA Shield has been pretty much alone on the Android gaming console market with no noteworthy competitors out there. But that might change soon enough as an Asus device that goes by the name “Gamebox” has been spotted on AnTuTu benchmark.

According to it’s benchmark listing, the Asus Gamebox features a 1280 x 720 display, and a Tegra 4 chip with the Nvidia GeForce ULP. It also packs 2GB of RAM, and 8GB of … Continue reading

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The benchmark woes – not just Samsung


So, you thought it was just Samsung? Guess what, “optimized” benchmarks like this is a common practice in the Android ecosystem.

Anandtech has released a report that most devices from major Android OEMs are “optimized” to score higher than it should in benchmark tests. see this for a more detailed explanation.

AnandTech conducted tests to various devices and discovered that other manufacturers, namely Asus, HTC, and LG, has done this as well. There are a few devices that came out … Continue reading

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