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The All New HTC One 2014 is for sale on eBay

It could be the worst kept secret by far, and we really don’t know why we should wait for the 25th of March to see it officially! The All New HTC One 2014 has been widely available over leaks during the past few weeks and now we saw it being sold on eBay! Oh yes!


A Verizon branded package with HTC’s new smartphone made an appearance on eBay and it went for sale for 499$! Obviously it got sold in … Continue reading

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“All New” HTC One 2014 golden edition

Just one day after the HTC invites for the 25 March event, the well known Twitter account @evleaks unveiled the “all new” HTC One 2014!


The device leaked as you can see from the image above in gold colour, confirming the dual camera setup on the back side, and the use of on screen softkeys. From the looks of it, this “All new” HTC One 2014 is quite similar to its predecessor, but what we suggest is that HTC … Continue reading

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Global Mobile Awards 2014. HTC One is the best smartphone of 2013

Every year the GSM Association gives the awards for the best devices of the year to those gadgets that have stood out. The committee is comprised of more than 175 analysts, reporters, journalists and others that work hard to select the best devices that were unveiled until the 29th of November 2013. And the winners were?


HTC One was the device that won the prize for the best smartphone of 2013, winning the first place over iPhone 5S, LG G2, … Continue reading

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HTC One (2014) To Be Available In Five Color Options


Yes. Another HTC One (2014) leak has been dropped again. HTC santa Shen Ye posted a follow up on Twitter that the upcoming flagship device will come in five colors straight up upon launch instead of adding more color options gradually which is a good thing if you ask me. You wouldn’t wanna regret buying a black one when HTC will launch a grey one later right?

According to Shen Ye, the all new HTC One will come in … Continue reading

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HTC One (2014) To Feature MicroSD Card Support, Nano SIM


We expect to see HTC’s next flagship device, the all new HTC One, come March 25 which is a few days from now. But the most leaked and talked about device isn’t gonna stop leaking yet as more and more details are getting dropped left and right and this time, HTC santa Shen Ye posted on Twitter that the upcoming flagship device will feature a Nano SIM slot, and will feature a microSD card slot unlike it’s … Continue reading

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Upcoming HTC M8 Or HTC One (2014) Stock Wallpaper Leaked



HTC’s next flagship device, codenamed the M8, has been the talk of the town fueled by a number of leaks and rumors from various trusted sources. And to sum up all the rumors up to now, the HTC One (2014) is said to sport twin sensors on it’s UltraPixel camera to improve image quality and depth of field. The device is also said to feature a slightly larger display with 2560 x 1440 resolution, and that … Continue reading

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