4.6 Million Snapchat Usernames And Phone Numbers Leaked Online Via API Exploit



A report came up last week about an API exploit found in popular messaging app Snapchat that can collect various information from users of the app. And yesterday a website called SnapchatDB.info has revealed 4.6 million Snapchat usernames with their phone numbers online, using that same API exploit. The database can be downloaded as an SQL dump or as a CSV text file. They claim that they are sharing this information with the public to raise awareness of the issue.


(This information) is being shared with the public to raise awareness on the issue. The company was too reluctant at patching the exploit until they knew it was too late and companies that we trust with our information should be more careful when dealing with it.


Another company called  Gibson Securities has noticed the same exploit and stated that they have been trying to warn Snapchat about the exploit for months, but was repeatedly ignored.


You are downloading 4.6 million users’ phone number information, along with their usernames. People tend to use the same username around the web so you can use this information to find phone number information associated with Facebook and Twitter accounts, or simply to figure out the phone numbers of people you wish to get in touch with.




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