250 Samsung Galaxy S4 Clones Destroyed In Germany


Cloning of popular smartphones has been a growing issue in eastern countries as many people has already been victimized on buying what they thought a genuine branded smartphone. Though it is slightly the consumer’s fault for not doubting cheap high-end devices, fooling people is still fooling people.

And according to Stuttgarter-Nachrichten, such clones has already reached the Europe specifically Germany, as after being suspicious of packages containing just $2,000 worth of cable, custom officers at the airport found out that the packages contained hundreds of cloned smartphones. All of which has been confiscated and hammered down.

German authorities are now conducting an investigation if this was a one-time delivery, or only a part of a series of shipments in Europe. A little piece of advise to all our OmegaDroid friends, always have doubts when someone offers you cheap high-end devices. You can also check it’s authenticity if that device has a sticker indicating that it has been approved by your local trade and industry department.

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