22,500 LG G2’s For Sprint Stolen



The LG G2 is the company’s latest flagship smartphone that sports unique features like the volume and power button located at the back right under the camera. It has been receiving a lot of positive reviews as well.

It’s that good of a phone that it’s now become the latest target of a heist.

A truck containing 22,500 LG G2 phones was stolen while on it’s way to Louisville, Kentucky. The phones were headed to Sprint, which is expected to launch its version of the G2 early next month.

It happened around 6:30 p.m Thursday at a truck stop in Gary, Indiana.  The driver left the truck for a bathroom break, and upon returning, found the vehicle missing. An LG representative confirmed this information to CNET.

The Indiana and Illinois state police along with the FBI have launched an investigation. An LG G2 off contract costs $630 new so this heist was worth about $14 million.


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