15 More Companies Partners Up With Tizen


Samsung and Intel’s new prodigy, the Tizen OS may have been delayed but rest assured that the association is becoming bigger and bigger as time goes by. The Tizen partner program already has 36 companies joining them, and now 15 more ranging from app/game vendors to network carriers and manufacturers has joined in the ranks to partner up showing their support for the unreleased OS.

Here’s the new members of the Tizen partner program:

  • Acrodea
  • AccuWeather
  • Baidu
  • CloudStreet
  • Cyberlightning
  • DynAgility
  • Gamevil
  • Inside Secure
  • Ixonos
  • Nomovok
  • Piceasoft
  • Red Bend Software
  • SoftBank Mobile
  • Sprint
  • ZTE


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